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Smart Security

Our technicians have installed home security systems made by most major manufacturers (Honeywell, GE/Interlogix, DSC, 2GIG Technologies, etc.) This is the security of your home. Let the pros make sure it is done the right way.

We recognize each home is different and has different needs. Our home packages are all customizable. For example we often see other companies forcing you to get a motion detector with their standard package. If your pet is too large or you have multiple pets a motion detector may not be viable, but with us you can switch it out with a glass break sensor or any other piece of equipment that fits your needs.

Interactive Services/Mobile Apps

Access your home interactive security system from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Experience the convenience of remote arming/disarming, home automation capabilities for thermostats, door locks, lighting, and appliances, real-time alarm event notifications by text or e-mail, arming reminders and much more.

View a live video feed from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. See what’s going on at your property, even when you’re not there. Know who’s pulling in the driveway, get an instant video alert and see who’s coming through the front door or just check in to see what your favorite pet is up to. Various data plans are available for online storage.