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Installing a whole house audio and video system also known as distributed audio/video system is no longer a luxury afforded only by millionaires. We have installed audio video systems in all types of homes and businesses alike, as the cost of newly developed products have steadily decreased and competition has diversified more and more. It is now possible to have a whole house audio and video distribution system installed for just a few thousand dollars, and depending on the features, for even far less.

We are experienced audio/video installation contractors and will provide you with options that will enhance your home and will add value to your investment without breaking the bank. From simple components such as individual in-room volume controls, speakers and speaker switches to dedicated wall mounted keypads and centralized multi-zone audio and video processors, the choice is yours. Take control of your audio and video entertainment via your smart phone or i-Pad, relax and enjoy your integrated audio/video system, we install the necessary wiring and integrate all components seamlessly for a total solution.

  • ●Speaker Installation
  • ●Remote Control Programming
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